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"I love it! Ms. Valiente is a kick-butt flutist with a flair for both Jazz and Cuban music.”
Chico Alvarez

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The Women of Los Más Valientes

Jessica Valiente – flute/percussion
Chiemi Nakai – piano
Debra Kreisberg – reeds
Anna Milat-Meyer – bass
Yasuyo Kimura – congas

Los Más Valientes Latin jazz ensemble features five outstanding female musicians; some of the most talented women in Latin jazz today. If you are looking for an all-female band for a Women’s History Month celebration, a Women’s Studies Department happening, or other women-centered activity, Anaïsa, the women of Los Más Valientes, can bring great grooves, hot improvisation, and tremendous excitement to your event.

In Anaïsa the jazz world is seeing a great leap forward for women in creative music-Latin jazz is never going to be the same. This group combines five women of diverse musical backgrounds, all of whom are well-established in the standard realm of Latin jazz, but who also bring their individual and collective experiences in salsa, merengue, Dominican, Puerto Rican and Cuban folk music, samba, reggae, rock... and also frequently features exciting guest female vocalists, drum set players and percussionists.

In the pantheon of deities in Palo, the Afro-Catholic folk religion of the Dominican Republic, Anaïsa is one of the most powerful. The goddess of love, compassion and goodwill, she finds her greatest expression through music. The exciting band that takes her name has put together some of the finest women musicians playing in Latin jazz today. Anaïsa is now making the rounds of women’s events nationally and worldwide.


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